Colour Therapy is a safe, non-invasive complementary therapy, that teaches you how to use colour for diagnosis, and then how to recommend healing colours for clothing, decor and diet, as well as introducing light and colour in many different forms of holistic treatments.  

Colour affects every aspect of our lives, so there are many different types of training depending on the extent and level you wish to achieve.

1.  There are many introductory courses available online and in workshops around the country. These give you a taste of how colour therapy works in everyday life. They may include work on balancing and healing the chakras using colour.  Other workshops may use colour with yoga, dance and meditation.

2.  Colour Therapy readings - These use colour as a diagnostic tool, to discover your personality, and inner state at all levels so you can find your supportive and healing colours to help you bring back balance into your life.

3.  Professional colour therapy training lasts between 6 months to 1 year, depending on how much time you have to study. These courses should be tutored by a qualified person and the college or school should be affiliated to one of more professional body.

Once qualified there are also many colour therapy courses that provide for on-going professional development.  For example: Colour Acupuncture, Colour Reflexology, Colour Coaching, Art Therapy.

In order to practice professionally a therapist in the UK/EU and most other countries, you should also have training in Anatomy and Physiology, belong to a colour therapy organisation or complementary therapists association in order to qualify for  practitioner insurance.

IWOC supports Colour therapy courses that are tutored by trained Colour Therapists who have several years teaching experience. (We recommend you check the credentials of online courses and find a course that resonates with you).

If you are looking for a training provider please contact IWOC letting us know what type of course you are looking for.

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