Wanted: Colour Therapist to contribute to a Holistic Healing book.   MARCH 2024.

Colour therapist with experience of working with people on the autistic spectrum, or that knows about this use of colour therapy.  https://www.abeautifullifebooks.com/linda-anthology

Colour therapy: taster workshop

Course Dates: 22/03/24 
Time: 18:00 - 21:00  
Location: Kean Street Wellbeing Centre, LONDON
Curious about colour and its uses in healing? Explore colour as living phenomenon and begin to expand your awareness and practice of this unique form of energy healing.  
Explore Colour Therapy and its uses in holistic therapeutic practice. Investigate a basic history of Colour Therapy and explore colour as living phenomenon and its relation to health, balance and wellbeing. Begin to learn and apply various healing techniques to utilise colour to harmonise the subtle and physical bodies in your self, friends and family.   Mention you heard about this workshop through IWOC.

SPRING AURA WORKSHOPS throughout OCTOBER 2022. Fishponds, BRISTOL ENGLAND.        "Let Colour Work for You" -                 "Colour, movement and creativity" -    "Colour and Sound"  

Contact Barbara at:  barbaraconway@btinternet.com 

The new MINDBODYSPIRIT festival is returning to London this April 2022. 

Stands are available if any Colour Therapists or Colour Reading or Spiritual Healing therapists would like to promote their business.  


In the Mood for Colour: Perfect palettes for creative interiors Hardcover.

Animals are extremely sensitive to colour vibrations, and are attracted to different objects, even when they may have limited ability to see the colour with their eyes - instead they feel the vibes. This lovely pussycat really knows the best place to relax is on the blue towel.

Colour therapists have for many years used silk scarves for healing, but organic silk is expensive and difficult to find. Instead we recommend using VISCOSE that is natural and works in harmony with our body and soul. This is made from plant cellulose and has a fine thread, much like silk. It is also very inexpensive.

If you live in Italy and can speak Italian  SAMYA DEI COLORI offers an online colour test.  Also available various books on colour therapy (in Italian)   https://samyadeicolori.it

News Flash:Pyrrole Red otherwise known as PR254 (Pigment Red 254), diketo-pyrrolo or Ferrari Red was discovered accidentally in chemistry professor Donald G Farnum’s lab at Michigan State University in 1974. He wasn’t looking to produce this pigment but little did he know at the time of the value this would have for the automotive industry.


Offers crystal light and related therapies.

Contact: Zahra Yaghtin   crystalcanadadlb@gmail.com


with Barbara Conway Colour Counsellor, healer, Teacher and Colour Life Coach 

 For details about workshops email: barbaraconway@btinternet.com    tel :0117 2390543    £50.00

IWOC members are invited to submit details of any Colour Therapy talks, demonstrations or workshops they are giving.

Colour Therapy employed on some UK. trains.

Colour Therapy has been employed by a train company that will provide special carriages for people travelling to special events like football matches and music festivals. Staff who are trained in conflict management will be wearing bright pink jackets as these have been found to have a calming and soothing effect on the highly excited and sometimes aggressive crowds.


Light and colour is often used to celebrate life, inspire creativity and represent enlightenment and our highest aspirations. Durham is the 'City of Culture' in 2019 and they will be holding a Lumiere festival that involved lighting up the wonders of the medieval city and many secret and surprising places too. If you want to enjoy the wonders of pure colour then it is well worth a visit.


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